About ClientSide Concepts

last updated February 21, 2010

Who is ClientSide Concepts?

ClientSide Concepts offers destination marketing, consulting services and product development to customers around the globe.

By drawing on a network of experts, we ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget and meets our high quality standards.

What products/services to you offer?

In short, we offer a complete line of integrated product development and consulting services. For more details on the various services, please refer to the Services section of our website.

For an overview of our destination marketing services and capabilities, please refer to the Destination Marketing section of our website.

Are your services available world-wide?

Yes. ClientSide Concepts provides its services and solutions to clients all over the world.

What is the ClientSide Concepts advantage?

We believe in the power of our networking approach. By pooling our knowledge and skills with the expertise of qualified specialists, we can provide a wider range of superior services at a lower cost while retaining the advantages of immediate responsiveness to client needs.

Do you have ethical standards? What are they?

Yes. We apply an approach based on respect and integrity when interacting with staff, partners and clients. Operationally, we prefer sustainable products and services where possible.

Do you work with all types and sizes of organizations?

We generally work with all types of governments, businesses and organizations, from small to large, exclusive of those we consider to be incompatible with our ethical standards.

Our Partners

Gerber Technology Consulting

Gerber Technology Consulting is our European partner for technology consulting and product development.

Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd.

Sunlabob is our Asian partner for developing and implementing sustainable energy solutions and carbon-reducing concepts.

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